Science fair

Hey guys,

on Wednesday the 7th of September all the year 5s had a science fair, each person had to research and create a poster, a model or an experiment. I researched gemology the study of gemstones, the model that I created was find the gemstones from the sand. So you would have to dig threw the sand to find the gemstones.

Here is a photo of my poster. Click on the photo to go to one of the websites I used for research.image

Book week doors 📚

Hi everyone,

Our class went around to look at all the book week doors. They were all amazing but I had to choose my favourite. Apart from our door my favourite door is the bully on the bus because it was very artistic and creative, bye all the ripped up pieces of paper. It was also clear what the book was because it had the title in the picture. It looked like a hole class effort and not just one or two people. Here is a picture of what the door looked like.image

Sci-fi writting 📝

Hi guys,

Welcome back, so this week I’ve started writing a new story but it’s no ordinary story it a science fiction story. If your wondering what a science fiction story is I will now explain, a science fiction story is when the problem or solution involves some sort of science. My story is about two kids called Murph and bonnie and are learning about space and planets, Murph wants to get a better idea of space so he makes a time travel machine. When Murph and Bonnie trie out the time machine they get stuck in a crazy land called vontenflex.


Born to run!!

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a good holiday. At the moment iv been reading the book Born to run it by Cathy Freeman. The book is about her life as a child and when she was growing up and about training for the Olympics. Also it has some photos and a sentence or 2 about the photo. I haven’t finished the book yet but I’m really enjoying it.imageh

Interschool netball

On Wednesday the 18th of May I participated in interschool netball and 5/6s went. I was in the A team and we did really well I played in Center. We won 3 out of 4 games and made the final unfortunately we lost the final to Gisborne. The B team came third nearly second and the mixed team didn’t make the final.image

Cross country 👟🏃

At our school all the year 3’s to 6’s participated in cross country. I had heaps of fun and I came 3rd in my division. The top 10 in each division go to districts,the year 3’s and 4’s did 2k and the 5’s and 6’s did 3k. It was a great experience and there was lots of really good runners there, I did the 3k run for the girls.




Pac Day

At our school we do a thing called pac day it’s when all the houses sing there song. The houses are Lee,Hurst,Devlin and Galloway. I’m in and lee and lee won the competition.

This is our chant

Come on Lee we are the team we’ve got talent and we’ve got speed we’ve got spirit we’ve got game to have fun is our aim Lee is every were you look Lees so hot your gonna cook come on down and give us a beat X2  4x slow clap 8x fast clap

I had lots of fun

Here is a photo of our teamimage

Paper planes

Our class have been reaserching to find the optimal design for a paper plane. We watched a video with the world record holder in it telling us all his designs his name is Brian Collins.

What I learnt:

  • I learnt to do a blue print drawing
  • I learnt to measure angles
  • I learnt to draw and create a good paper plane.                                                    I hypothesis that the planes with a wider wing spand the longer it will say in the air by 12 seconds.                                                             I hypothesis that the long skinny planes will fly the longest by 3 meters.                                                                                                         I hypothesis that the long (length) and wide wing spans will go the highest by 3 meters.                                                                           Tune in next time to find out who won.                                                  Here are some photos of my blue print drawingimage image

Persuasive writting

Persuasive writting is to persuade the reader that your side is better than the other you should make them think your side is better.In persuasive, writting it is important to remember to use interesting language and use persuasive techniques.

Here is an example of some persuasive writting in progress.